Saturday, May 21, 2011

How To Grow A Bigger Penis Head! The Easiest Way To Enlarge Your Penis Head And Body Simultaneously!

Do you have a little penis head? Or just want to improve your dimension to promote much more nerves in the vagina? Both way, the subsequent is the greatest methods to grow a larger penis head! It will give you gains in no time!

But initial, it will do you great to know the fundamental Jelqing method as this method to grow your penis head is an superior variation of the Jelq!

Right here we go:

one. Make certain you are warmed up. Soak a little towel in warm h2o and get rid of it. Squeeze out the excessive h2o and wrap towel close to your penis for three minutes. Take away the towel, re-soak and re-wrap for three minutes.

2. Make certain you are all around 70% erect.

three. Use lubrication on your penis. Infant oil or your favored lotion will do.

four. With your non-dominant hand grip the base of your penis, firmly but not as well tightly. This will trap blood in your penis in between the base and head.

five. With your dominant hand, grip the penis just previously mentioned the other hand.

six. Now use the milking motion. With the non-domi nant hand nevertheless on the base. Only your dominant hand does the milking, shifting the previously trapped blood up the shaft.

7. When your dominant hand reaches the base of the head, get rid of it and go back again to the starting up placement (just previously mentioned the other hand) and then stroke upwards yet again! Preserve repeating the strokes.

eight. Right after the workout, you need to massage your penis for thirty seconds and wrap it with a warm cloth to get the blood flowing once again. This intensive exercising will grow you a larger penis head in no time and it really should not be done for much more than five minutes (one minute for newcomers).


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